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The world is currently in the middle of a pandemic, which has affected the lives of the entire global population. As we describe it, the new normal is slowly but surely entering our lives, displacing our old ways of education and working in traditional office environments. As a result, home offices are becoming increasingly popular. As the number of home offices grows, so does the number of home office furniture applications. Are you one of the many people who has embraced the work-from-home culture and has a lot of concerns about how to make your work life more pleasant? Do...

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Separation from places with a strong emotional connection is quite challenging, especially in workplaces. That is why it is best to anticipate scenarios in these ambiguous times.  Here are some tips to bid your byes to your office temporarily: Be strong. Be sturdy. Just as reliable as your quality desk, toughen yourself up and let yourself be dependable but don’t forget to give credit to yourself on how tough of a cookie you are! Organize it all Piles of documents, hard copy files, and personal items must be socially distanced as well! Organize everything first prior to your last office...

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Since the pandemic started about a year ago now, everything changes in an instant. It is now a competition of who can adapt quickly, especially for businesses and companies- on how they can still successfully manage their employees’ productivity and on how their employees can still properly work despite the new situation. Schools, businesses, and companies are largely affected by the unanticipated changes from the pandemic. Now that we are slowly adapting to the new changes, there is currently an immense increase in demand for work-from-home employees. Shifting from a traditional office setup to a home setup often results in...

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