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The world is currently in the middle of a pandemic, which has affected the lives of the entire global population. As we describe it, the new normal is slowly but surely entering our lives, displacing our old ways of education and working in traditional office environments. As a result, home offices are becoming increasingly popular. As the number of home offices grows, so does the number of home office furniture applications. Are you one of the many people who has embraced the work-from-home culture and has a lot of concerns about how to make your work life more pleasant? Do...

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Working for a company can be both fun and exhausting, but one aspect of the job that is always fun is the office romance. There's nothing better than walking into work and getting a wink from your favorite coworker. Many companies have employee "dating policies". These are rules about whether or not coworkers are allowed to date. Many of these policies have a "no dating" rule, but a lot of companies have a "mutual consent" rule which means that both coworkers have to agree to date before any flirting will happen. Office romance can be fun if it’s managed properly...

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