Lockdown Series: How to Temporarily Say Goodbye to Your Office Workstation?

Lockdown Series: How to Temporarily Say Goodbye to Your Office Workstation?

Separation from places with a strong emotional connection is quite challenging, especially in workplaces. That is why it is best to anticipate scenarios in these ambiguous times. 

Here are some tips to bid your byes to your office temporarily:

Be strong. Be sturdy.

Just as reliable as your quality desk, toughen yourself up and let yourself be dependable but don’t forget to give credit to yourself on how tough of a cookie you are!

Organize it all

Piles of documents, hard copy files, and personal items must be socially distanced as well! Organize everything first prior to your last office day.


You sure won't leave your workstation unclean and plausibly contaminated with viruses, right?


For precaution, unplug any electronic devices in your area. Take this lockdown time to disconnect from the work stress as well.

You can't sit in two chairs at once

You cannot do multiple things at once so let your office chair have its time off too. Take this as an opportunity to spend time with your family.

Off the table

Just temporarily allow yourself to be off the table. Literally and figuratively. There is no crime to let yourself live outside the edges of your office table.


Cherish the memories and time spent in your office with your co-workers. Grab the chance to fondle your workstation one last time before heading home.

Pat on the back

Finally, give yourself a pat on the back for overcoming challenges you're about to face up to.

Lockdown implementations can have a different effect on everyone but no matter how uncertain things are now, just remember to still be thankful for you will still have a job and an office workstation waiting for your return. 

This pandemic certainly hits all of us unexpectedly. Work and even classes take place remotely now, but do you really think that you are ready? Let us help you and make things easier for you through our next post!

Got anything in mind? Suggestions or questions? We'd also love to hear your thoughts! Write to us! 

Stay safe until then!


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