Caution: Office Romance

Caution: Office Romance

Working for a company can be both fun and exhausting, but one aspect of the job that is always fun is the office romance. There's nothing better than walking into work and getting a wink from your favorite coworker.

Many companies have employee "dating policies". These are rules about whether or not coworkers are allowed to date. Many of these policies have a "no dating" rule, but a lot of companies have a "mutual consent" rule which means that both coworkers have to agree to date before any flirting will happen.

Office romance can be fun if it’s managed properly but also has the greatest chance of slowly sliding into toxicity. If handled poorly, workplace romances have the potential to lead to a hostile work environment and a culture of fear.

So here's a breakdown of some tips to keep office romance healthy:

1. Know the company’s policy for workplace romances. 

As stated earlier, some companies have a no dating rule. Following the company's rules may help you decide whether or not to pursue that blossoming romance.

2. Be conscious of what is allowed or tolerated in conversations, emails, or even text messages.

Have a thorough conversation about things you can freely talk about as coworkers at your office and as a couple outside of work. 

3. Be mindful of what you post on social media.

Remember that you are both professionals in your fields. Refraining from posting any cryptic messages on social media will help you both maintain a professional image.

4. Know how to professionally advance a relationship while still being professional in the workplace.

Set boundaries between your personal lives as a couple and your professional lives inside the office. If possible, avoid showing too many "PDA" moments, as this may make some of your coworkers uncomfortable.

Recognize that your romance is composed of two consenting professional adults. To keep your office romance going strong, keep in mind that your careers are also a top priority. To avoid any conflict with your other coworkers, our next blog will probably help you out with that situation!

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