6 Tips on Setting Up Your Home Office Workstation

6 Tips on Setting Up Your Home Office Workstation

Since the pandemic started about a year ago now, everything changes in an instant. It is now a competition of who can adapt quickly, especially for businesses and companies- on how they can still successfully manage their employees’ productivity and on how their employees can still properly work despite the new situation.

Schools, businesses, and companies are largely affected by the unanticipated changes from the pandemic. Now that we are slowly adapting to the new changes, there is currently an immense increase in demand for work-from-home employees. Shifting from a traditional office setup to a home setup often results in a state of confusion which causes stress for both the employees and employers. 

But through this guide, we hope we can help you manage the frustrations this new remote work setup has. Below is the list of how you can effectively set up a home office workstation.



Having a quiet personal space is the most important part of this list. Dedicating a workspace, whether a room, a desk, or just an empty corner where you can do all your work away from the rest of the home is essential to consider when planning to set up a home office station.

Productivity is often the challenge of starting a work-from-home setup with no clear boundaries between home and workstation, workers usually don’t sense the “office vibe” you can usually feel before in a traditional office setup. Therefore, productivity is usually affected and sometimes resulting in slacking off. 

Associating your personal space with office furniture from IGO Furniture may help you to personalize your workspace area with their wide selection of materials specifically made for customization.



Investing in a good office chair is one of the most important parts of planning a work-from-home setup. Considering that you’d be spending long hours sitting down, prioritizing your comfort without sacrificing your health is the best decision to make.

According to American Chiropractic Association, poor posture and poor movements can lead to strains and backaches which can directly lead to keeping the workers from getting the job done. Prolonged sitting has been proven to be associated with multiple health issues and most employees spend half of their day seated, especially now in a work-from-home setup.

In choosing what good office chair is the best, looking for an ergonomic chair is the wisest choice. In addition, you may also want to consider its quality and durability before buying it. IGO Furniture offers a variety of top-quality ergonomic office chairs and office furniture you may want to choose from.



What is a good office chair without a good office table?

When deciding to choose what good office chair you should buy, you should also keep in mind to choose a good office table to partner it with. You should always prioritize your comfort without sacrificing your health. Prolonged hours of sitting in front of a PC or Laptop screen will increase the chances of having backaches, headaches and eye strain. 

A good work-from-home office table should be a long and spacious one. Make sure to also consider your office table can conceal electrical cables and cords for a better workplace. Good thing, IGO Furniture offers an office table that can go well with your ergonomic office chair.



Working on a cluttered workspace will not only affect your mental state but will drastically affect your productivity as well. In a study published by Sage Journals, it is hypothesized that workers are more likely to experience job strains whose jobs require them to deal with a heavy volume of work. Keeping your workplace neat and clutter-free will decrease the chance of performing low on your work. 

Temporarily removing or muting any gadgets that are not work-related will also help you to focus more on work and be more productive as it can also cause unwanted distractions. By doing this, you can maximize your work hours without losing track of time due to repeatedly getting distracted from gadgets during your work hours.



Getting a plan for a stable internet connection from your trusted local internet provider is a must-have when planning to set up your home office workstation. A work-from-home setup will not function properly without any internet connection as every meeting, interview, and decision planning for companies is currently done virtually. 



 And lastly, being inside the house for a long time may feel a little exhausting, and considering that you have to work in front of a computer screen for half of your day sounds a little too much.

Incorporating a subtle touch of nature with your workplace may lessen the stress you are already experiencing. You may place a few pots of indoor plants near your office table for a more refreshing ambiance or fresh air circulation, and plants can also help to manage your stress. Who knows working can also be so therapeutic with just the help from our friendly neighborhood plants?

And there you have it! We hope these 6 tips will help you set up an effective workspace.

If you have any more tips that you want to share with us, please let us know by leaving us a comment here or on our Facebook Page 

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